Welcome, driveting world of self driving cars!

Hello there, curious reader. I am a Software Developer living in Cambridge (UK) who got to know about the self driving car engineer course at Udacity through a newsapp a few months ago.

The idea of engineering the mind to make a car drive itself sounded very intriguing and I quickly found myself engaged and in the middle of an introduction to machine learning course. My programming background allowed me to progress quickly, enjoying the machine learning techniques and learning Python, a refreshing change from Java.

Researching the domain I got to know about deep learning and (deep) neural networks, a trendy machine learning method that supposedly resembles a network of neurons applied to machine learning problems. It is e.g. applied to speech recognition, analysis of image contents and apparently to teach cars how to drive. Needless to say that I, as a biologist and computer scientist, obviously was hooked and applied to the self driving car engineer course as soon as I finished the machine learning intro course.

And recently I got accepted into Udacity’s self driving car engineer nanodregee course and decided to write about my experiences throughout the course. I think especially the projects will lend themselves  to blog about. The course finally starts the day after tomorrow and I am very excited to get my hands on the first project:
Detecting highway lane lines from a video stream.


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